Sip the Legacy, Taste the Future

Like a vibrant family, our fine wine is a living tale, nurtured with unwavering devotion. It’s a journey of care, never hurried; a challenge that earns the sweetest rewards. From rugged soil, our vines burst forth with vigor, a tribute to the very essence of life.

Seize the moment and uncork the thrill now, or better yet, revel in anticipation. Be patient, let it mature, and witness the evolution of its full character. Cellar it with pride, pass it down to like-minded heirs – a tribute to your discerning taste and the delicious passion that defines your zest for life. Heir Apparent Wines: A sip of legacy, a toast to life’s vibrant tapestry!

small lot production

we believe in quality over quantity

passion, vibrancy, and timeless allure

our Wine will take you on a journey, where the sun-kissed vines of Napa Valley yield rich, robust reds & Crisp whites, that stand as a testament to the intersection of Old World charm and California innovation.

Embrace the bold flavors, embrace the legacy – our Napa Inspired white and reds are not just wines; they’re an ode to the extraordinary, waiting to be uncorked and savored.

our winemaking philosophy

World class vineyards

unique terroir that shapes the character

Innovative Winemaking

Weave tradition and modernity into every sip

Artisanal Maturation

evolve like a masterpiece, aging gracefully

uncompromising quality

reserved for those who cherish the heir